There is no trade on Sunday. The act returns to the Sejm


On Tuesday, 12 March, the Seam will hold a conference summarizing the first year of implementation of the Act in relation to restrictions on Sunday's trading. At the meeting there may be further evidence of the possible amendment to the Act – in particular those recently mentioned by ministers to require the Act to be analyzed – t contact "Dziennik Gazeta Prawna".

The organizers of the Conference are the Parliamentary Team for Support for Innovation and Economic Patriot and the spokesperson for small and medium enterprises Adam Adramowicz.

Abramowicz is a strong supporter of restricting trade on Sundays. It refuses the institution's reports which confirm that the small number of shops that are losing it is.

PiS abolishes the trade ban? Comment by Jacek Sasin

Poles have different views, which give this phrase in the accounts. The preliminary examination of "DGP" shows that only 19 per cent. Poles to prevent every Sunday – and this option is effective from 2020. Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki confirmed that, in his opinion, the Sunday Trading Act did not achieve all expectations.

On 13 March the amendment to the Prohibition Act will return to Sejm's work. Its aim is to hit the licensing network, which will no longer be able to use the opening panel and open on Sundays as post offices. The change also intends to clarify which members of the family can support entrepreneurs on Sunday work. Such views are not similar to the Polish Chamber of Commerce, which are treated as an attack on licensing networks.

Maciej Ptaszyński, Chief Executive of PIH, says that entrepreneurs who link in the licensing networks are self-employed entrepreneurs who pay taxes in the country and are tiny players. for enforcement of the use of tax.

PiS also makes it clear that it allows for an amendment to the Act in relation to the prohibition of trading. Jacek Sasin, leader of the Comhairle's Standing Committee on Ministers, said: "it is never before politics that the solution cannot be resolved once change is adopted."

The traditional trade sector is diminishing, but not only the introduction of a trading ban on it, but also the growing number of shops on – t saw it online. The downside retailers include food shops – communal foods and selling their range. In total 3.3 miles away. – approach "DGP", recalling research by the Bisnode Polska business intelligence group.




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