There is no unity: Rabbis to gather in Jerusalem for an emergency meeting


A Jewish home party will come together

A Jewish home party will come together

Jewish Home

Rabbis representing Zionism of religion invited to hold an emergency conference tomorrow at 16:00 at the Ramada Hotel in Jerusalem, depending on the lack of progress in talks between Jewish Home and National Union parties .

The rabbits call on party leaders to enter into one room and not to; leaving "until white smoke rises", in the words of organizers.

An emergency conference will be held on the decision-making of Rabbi Rafi Peretz's decision on the Jewish Home Chairman to reject a similar ruling by the National Union. National Union Chairman, MK Betzalel Smotrich, said that Peretz is buying the unified list and that allows the National Union to choose from the senior manager; coming together in the future.

Rabbi Peretz agreed to the last Friday recommendation, but agreed on Saturday night to go back. In Jewish Home they are considering seating capacity on the Likud list for the Knesset or to # 39; run on an independent list, move possible according to each hole, to & # 39; failure in the perspective of Jewish Home in the surveys.

"On Thursdays and Fridays, I held a long personal conversation with the President of the Jewish Home – pick Rabbi Rafi Peretz, with the aim of reaching agreement and submitting a co-operation with both parties in The forthcoming elections on the basis of equality and co-operation, "Smotrich said Saturday night.

"And indeed, without representatives and councilors – and after I had a lot of weight on my part to close the co-operation, we were able to reach a full understanding before the beginning of the Sabbath. In the framework it was agreed that Rabbi Peretz would be first placed on the list and the National Union would have the right to choose their first government situation. They give him equality.

"Unfortunately, at the end of the week, Rabbi Peretz told me, after consulting with his partners, he decided to withdraw from the agreement to the bottom of the co-operation, equal and co-leadership – and return to the opening position that is the senior Jewish home and those who are at home guests. Therefore, the arrangements at this stage have reached dead end. "

Smotrich said that he would "be out of duty, I intend to continue to do everything to reach a broad list of all elements of religion Zionism and to reach the right wing although it seems this time has the opportunity to enter the Likud as a surprise surplus to Jewish Home members. "

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