There is nothing to lose "al-Beheiri" with the "Masrawy" confirmation.


01:35 PM

Sunday 10 February 2019

Books – Mohammed Alaa Eddin:

Telecom's chief executive, Majid Osman, said nothing was related to Zamalek's president's attack on his / her company because of his & Al Ahly company has been convicted of Ahmed Al-Behairy, chief executive of company.

Zamalek's president had put on the Telecom Egypt's wild assault on January 30 as a result of his company. mentions the "Maak Ya Ahli" marks as the official sponsor of her; club.

Zamalek's club president opposed his company to cause discrimination and disagreement among the fans of both clubs.

Telecom Aegypt issued a press release on 31 January announcing Ahmed al-Behairi as CEO and Adel Hamad as the managing director and chief executive of the company.

A company said in a press release that the Egyptian government had changed some of its representatives on board of directors; company determined by its president.

"I can not say anything about this because we are listed on the stock money," said Osman.

Telecom Egypt published in a press release on Monday that the post of Deputy Chief Executive of the Customer Service was vacant after Hani Abdel Moneim retired.

"We will hold a board meeting on Wednesday 20 February to discuss future company plans and accept the results of a business and independent company, which we will appoint on Thursday, 21st February, "said Osman.

The 2019 Egyptian Television budget focuses on the growth of single-level income to a high level after the # 39; affecting the impact of the Mena Cable contract.

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