There is serendipity in the Waterdown Tea House


The "Mosaic Dòc" is changing. On this day, they included leak cake, Apple tartan and Gingerbread Cupcakes, and they were all willing. Although Dinah makes the sandwiches, the cranes and the other other tools, a friend will have a " help with the "Dainties". Also offered: salad, cuisine, slice ropes, gluten-free options, under 12s and other drinks (not allowed).

They were women; in most of the guests, and it should not be surprising because of its history; This 19th century custom used Anna, 7th Ducford Bedford, wanted to stay between food and so began to take an afternoon tea in private, with females. They ate bread and rod, and sandwiches, then, were created by the Earl of Sandwich. (Yes, true)

In a consistent way, there was a house where I enjoyed the Waterdown Tea in the 1800s as a saddle shop. On display, the shape of the horse and the original key made during the upgrade. More widely than I remember, there are floor boards on the house from tobacco kiln and wooden wooden peaks. Retro cable remodels increase the light that spills through the windows. The flat-shaped country-made things are in the form of white polka dots on taupe walls.

I like polka dot and it was amazing to learn that the effects were done by hand! Ditto for the Tulip Room. Pottery pictures of flowers add to the jewel.

In a better weather, reopened the patio patchy site. Preservation is available for private periods, and Dinah is planning a range of events that should be included.

Waterdown has a good luck now by getting two tea teas. The other has been attending the community for nearly two decades, he has made many memories and won awards. But a serendipity was attached to Waterdown Tea House (open from September) – warm and welcoming yellow teapots, polka dot and Dinah.

Waterdown Tea House

297 Dundas St. E., Waterdown


Light rain

Instagram: @waterdownteahouse

The scene: Heavy rain

The Feelings: Bright, rising

Hours: Wednesday to Sunday, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. (last 3:45 seats, recommended advice); closed Monday and Tuesday

Do you pay: High water down tea, $ 30; Little Prince and Princess Tea (12 years and over), $ 16.50; Quiche of the Day with Garden Salad, $ 12.

Wheelchair access: Yes

Diane Galambos is a food writer who shares stories and recipes at his blog.

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