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On January 21, 2019 a full eclipse of the moon can be seen from the continents of several continents. It is a supermoon of wolf blood & # 39; The name is also true.

That day, the natural satellite will be closer to Earth and therefore it will be more than normal.

This is & # 39; eclipse of the century, which can be seen from different countries. Sputnik

At 05:12 GMT on January 21, 2019, the satellite, in the full moon degree will be tied into a red or orange portion. Residents of North America, South America, Western Europe and Africa are able to look at the truth. During the night of June 28, 2018, a number of countries were able to monitor the longest 21st century white eclipse, in which the satellite was also red. E & # 39; moon of blood; him.

It should be noted that this name has nothing to do with scientific names. "Scientists and sciences do not call these blood cell phones, at least not very much," a & # 39; Writer Ryan Mandelbaum writes in Gizmodo. Interestingly, the satellite looks like a snail on the state of the planet's atmosphere. Earth: "A colorful bloody moon is created by firewalls and volcanoes, dust storms and pollution that are scattered by sunlight because it spreads around our world," said the reel Pamela Gay ri Space. com. (Sputnik)

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