"There may be a greater risk of the spread of HIV disease"


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Health effects of climate change are now better enrolled. Food crisis multiplication, special disease and cardiovascular disease review, heat pressure caused by heat waves: climate breakdown is considered even by scientists as "The global threat to public health in the 21st centuryS century. "

In areas that are particularly influenced by global inequality – in Africa, for example – and where there is a discharge such as malaria or HIV, these risks are taken very sad. Indeed, after examining, scientists have shown an increase in the number of HIV diseases in major events related to climate sustainability. New work published in the magazine Plos One the middle of January going on this side. Their author, American astronomer Andrea Low, shows how often & # 39; What is a virus for young women long & There are dry waves in southern Africa and want these products to be included in climate change policies. to absorb the disease, especially among the most vulnerable populations of rural communities.

What do you think is affected by climate change on HIV infection?

Many surveys show that behavioral changes may be in place; Increase the risk of HIV infection on climate breakdown. Marshall Burke [professeur adjoint au département de la science du système Terre à Stanford, ndlr] for example, the distribution of 11% of HIV infections in sub-Saharan Africa which, occurs in water or deep water in rural areas affected by the disease. These new diseases can be due to increasing the use of paid species in sedimented numbers but also to increase the use of " provide health coverage to give them food. I found this study just like I was traveling for a project to investigate the disease ("Population-based HIV-based impact assessment", in English) on the numbers of South Africa. It was in 2015 and 2016: the thirst that hit this area was awful. So, ask me myself b & # 39; We can assess the impact on behaviors, how often & # 39; There is HIV in the population and the cure, although many people who are living with it; virus that causes antiretrovirals and the number of new inflammation problems.

What is your survey method?

For this study, I met geospatial data from two years of illness (2014-2016) in Lesotho with the results of the national HIV infection survey carried out between 2016 and 2017, which specifically accounts for diseases. and how uncertain the viral device is. In particular, I wanted to find out if the illness caused by bad weather could be related to a & # 39; Increase risk and danger, particularly among young women in rural communities.

Do we estimate the impact of the weather crisis on discharges such as HIV?

My products do not allow us to say that it is a disease only the truth of the truth that was investigated. Despite this, many surveys argue that climate change will be & # 39; leading to important migration levels. This population trends may have a significant impact on the disease, unless total sections of the population are affected; Access to the care and treatment of the illness and if the contamination arises – what other studies do you have. This will be essential for controlling the disease in southern Africa, where HIV diversity is very high.

What answer can it be given?

Regardless, governments and international organizations could ensure that these numbers have a good chance of the health system, but also preventive devices such as the Prep [un traitement préventif du VIH]. and drugs as antiretrovirals. In a perfect world, this may be the result of a regional system of universal access to care funded by different countries. We also need to be able to innovate to reach migration better in terms of prevention and screening.

Florian Bardou

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