There should be a problem when you start your vegetables immediately


Cut vegetables before washing it

wrong when you're vegetable processing
You can not cut vegetables before being washed.

Many people have the habits of cutting vegetables before they wash them. It's a mistake because & # 39; Vegetables are in vegetable in water and so the water is easy to be easy. Also, it will be to cut and go to; Burning unwanted vegetables to reduce the amount of potatoes in the & # 39; shift process.

Remove rich parts with nutrition

The rich parts of plants, leaflets, herb mill, peel crab and potatoes are often thrown away due to unnecessary thinking. However, there are many nutrients and vitamin in the basins, the leaves and the stems that are not other parts.

Cooking too

Not only does recipes resembling recipes need the right way to prepare vegetables. One of the basic mistakes in cooking cooking at high temperatures is too long. This has lost most of the important nutrients. Wooden vegetables are also also good at & # 39; Make micronutrients such as vitamins B and C discharged in the water and get rid of rubbish.

Baker on wooden coat

Although many people enjoy the taste of baked materials, vegetables cooked at temperatures can be too hot and dry; express their nutrition. Worse all, when the bak is black, it will have a bad smell, which indicates that vegetables are converted to benzopyrene, a carcinogen commonly found in smoked cigarettes.

Not only for grilled meals, when fried vegetables at temperatures are too high, it also converts the antioxidants, a & # 39; adversely affect your health.

Cooking many times

Many people regret some vegetables that are left and then go to; come in to eat more. But you know, not only does vegetables need to be & # 39; Lack of bituminous loss, but also poor nutrition to become ill and health.

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