There was a bar from the River on the expectations of the events, a & # 39; let the procurator


Norberto Brotto, the procurator who lasts from April to examine members of it River bar by ticket sales, & # 39; Check that Friday 300 tickets were found valid for the Superfinal against Boca and 7 million pesos in homes Héctor Guillermo Cavern Godoy, current director of The Drunkards of the Board, He confirmed that one of his expectations was expected to have played a vital game in the Libertadores Cup due to revenge

"That's how Uequín said at another time when he went through the accused where he did not know he was investigating but he went on to say that the procurator had translating his / her. phone, he was listening … I do not know how he got out at least I need to hear it in questioning. To me, Huequin the accused person, "Brotto is reinforced in radio statements Network in relation to a warning of revenge that would happen in the Saturday game, which led to the attack on the Bus that moved Boca to Monumental stadium.

In this way, the procurator told him: "Uequín was sent through the complaint after he was found because an application order was in operation because we did not get it in the attack (ndr: last Friday at Godoy house) of an application in the street, where he has been found and reached by his lawyer to the prosecution. It was taken out and stolen on what was on, and for my research it is very important and it was not stopped because it was not; get tickets but a breach was made. "

Unequin is José Uequinalias Potato Bag, was raped on Friday in a Devoto community, who said after what happened Saturday in the previous game, in statements Channel 26: "Godoy's entries were in defense, to prevent the children of the fourth line from disaster."

Asked why Caverna Godoy was not arrested at the time of his death; home robbery, Brotto explained: "Today there is no reason to organize the arrest, many of the protected elements, we need to check well and we need to respect It should be protected. He introduced himself and said that his / her client could explain where the money was and how the tickets started. "

The most important statements of the public officer:

• "I have confirmed that there were 300 claims that were entitled to get in, because he did not get a ticket." Mr Godoy has a special place with a group of people, there is a place and we all know it. the reason is justified as Mr Godoy was, who was his original induction in his possession ".

• "For a prosecution there is no doubt that someone from the River Board of Directors gave the tickets to Cavern Godoy."

• "Last week, Godoy was opposed to a breakdown of repository, today we need to rehabilitate the behavior based on Section 5 of Sports Law, this is the move to & # 39; creating bars. There are real features that are not given in this case. "

• "Mr Godoy was not in the Friday and today's raid, he did not appear to the procurator's office, the person who came in as a lawyer, they say he & I'm going to make the most important shows but I have confirmed that there is a way to sell legal tickets and, in principle, there is evidence that shows that there is a parallel way to sell tickets. "

Why Cavern Godoy was not arrested after her prey. "Mr Godoy had never been in the presence of police staff, today he is a reminder for his justice." Mr Godoy did not sleep at home at the night of the investigation, I am concerned about the safety and prevention of football, I am very interested but Justice needs to work in law. As a citizen, I will criticize many Justice but we must work with the law, we will take the time to explain it because we need to do it with evidence ".

• "There are no elements for Godoy to be confirmed, He does not have to do that. Now I have a person who has 7 million pesos and 300 tickets when I do not; One can be there, which suggests that the ticket bar dealt with and that the destination of that money was for sale. According to the background and if it has shown that there is a risk of flying, the complainant will tell me if it should be stopped. "

• "In this case Godoy is a bar that includes trout paths, which have enough money to come from the repository."

• "Uequín did not stop because he had no tickets at the time of the investigation."

• "My research is about blocking the sales repository, now I need to investigate if I'm trying for something different based on the Sports Law, I see the Many of the people in the case need to be kept because they can prevent or prevent justice from the process. In justice we know when we ask let's stop them, there is little to get out of justice ".

• "As a citizen, I wanted something else, but we need to expect from Justice that he has never left his law, if Justice does not work with the law , we've lost it to be imprisoned by ticket sales but above everything that there must be a process. If you miss a & # 39; Justice from law to taste society in some things, we have lost.

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