There was a cyclist riding on a bicycle, a car opened the door, he did not; She could not throw her, he fell into the asphalt and killed a truck – 07/12/2018


The boy stopped his car and opened the door without looking back and disturbed that activity. On his bike, Estefanía, a 28-year-old comedian and drama, who left the pistol in an effort to avoid the slamming, was almost revived. But he did not reach it. The blow struck the door of his car from himself, and fell on the asphalt and a truck that came into the same road was spread over. A woman died a few months later.

Estefanía Moreno was an actor. Theater Theater and was 28 years old,

Estefanía Moreno was an actor. Theater Theater and was 28 years old,

The two drivers, the 31-year-old boy who had paid the Fiat Palio pattern and a short time and the lack of care that the girl had done. falling, and the truck driver Mercedes Benz, 64, who came to an end over her, which the procurator Pablo Cistoldi sent on his case.

The event was unfortunate on Wednesday afternoon, in the center of Mar del Plata. Estefanía Moreno was riding on a & # 39; bike on Hipolito Yrigoyen Street, two blocks away from the town, and over Belgrano, runs straight to the Fiat Palio door. Everything happened in a trip. He dropped, and the driver could not avoid trick. None of the men did not prove good for BAC.

The young woman, "Nía" for her friends, was a drama teacher at the Municipal Design School and played her next season for her first time in a picture as a chair in a room Gregorio Nachman at the Auditorium Theater.

"Nia was killed in a bad disaster", telling the news port 0223 friend and co-worker of the young woman, Carla Areta. "It was shot out without a riot," she said, and told him that there will be a bicycle ride in the evening of the day that goes through the place where she lost her life. He commemorates Nia, but also warns of the dangers that everyone who is going to do is give a warning. using a bike as a transport method.

The meeting is 18 at Miter Square. "Those of our cyclists are at risk because the cars are very good, we live in a violent society," said Areta.

Mar del Plata Correspondence.

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