There was a fire in commercial construction in Santiago to move firefighters


Fourteen firms of the Santiago Fire Brigade (CBS) were moved on Thursday night to fight fire in a commercial building when Matucana and Alameda are coming to an end, In the boundaries of the Santiago company with Central Station.

From about 23:00 hrs, the flames hit several commercial buildings on the first floor of the three story building, which had been a similar event here in October.

An CBS CEO, Gabriel Huerta, in detail Cooperative that nearly 200 volunteers needed to work outside, in a defensive way, due to a series of landslides within the building.

"A firewall surrounding the structure and this new fire is very weak, there is a huge risk of falling inside and we are working on the outside, "he said.

The third floor was completely destroyed by the flames.

Once the fire is under control, Men went on to work removing rubble and the expert views fit for proofing the causes that were lost.

The route through Matucana Avenue is hanging, and in Alameda it is hanged to the west as a result of the work of the Fire Department.

The cars in Alameda can be returned in General Velásquez.

Already with daylight, the The owners of the affected building They arrived in the morning near the building to check the & # 39; damaged.

"This is the second time this building is burned within 40 days (…) The locals have a full variety, again. We were getting better (of the event that happened in October), "he said. Amador Roa, one of the owners.

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