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LINCOLN, neb. – – Chris Solari describes the Spartans on a 1-10 scale after the 9-6 9th Nebraska defeat on Saturday.

Crime: 2

The cold and windy conditions were not useful for a game that passed, but the Spartans were in a position; continues with difficulties between 41 packages from Rocky Lombardi. The gentleman's redshirt had occasionally passed his address with her & # 39; wind and hang on its & # 39; His conversation into the lines. He also made a fantastic fumble to launch Nebraska for a short-distance tournament, a mid-game game game during the fourth quarter. The MSU run 143-yard run, but the Spaniards left him in the two final plays after falling after him – just running a picture designed for Lombardi. And Matt Dotson was one of the key issues that had been discharged with a tough headache, which helped 15-yell MSU on a goal-to-seek attempt. finally left.

Defense: 8

What more can protection be done? MSU maintained Nebraska to the smallest points of the season and the second lowest garden in total crime (248), and # 39; passing (145) and running (103). The Spartans did not stop the afternoon for the second time this season, and they took two pairs of Huskers; bankruptcy. They also kept QB Adrian Martinez in a check for just 17 skull hats and 162 full rods. However, there were some shortcomings. A broadcast that was split after the US Army took a 6-0 lead to a 35-yard from Martinez to Stanley Morgan Jr. who founded his first visit to Nebraska in the fourth quarter. And the death of Devine Ozigbo 15-yard ran on his throat thrown. But the Spartans drew every time the fish went into the red field.

Specific teams: 3

This is a difficult time for a tough day for experts. Matt Coghlin made two field goals, but the third try – after Dotston's penalty – there was enough speed for a driving wind but he caught the same. William Przystup, in his second college game, allowed 42 pounds to be removed every pound but put it twice when a better place was needed. Cole Hahn was going out of her & # 39; boundaries for the second game just, again a wind product that would have to go to a # 39; keep a wall on the tea. But Xavier Henderson was the biggest mistakes to go to; back to piper and Shakur Brown for kicking uncomfortable behavior on kickoff after his MSU progressed 6-0. Bruce 's penalty was guilty of a crime that had been committed; struggling Nebraska to a member near the middle of the park and helped him to end the closure of the defense, Give Huskers a photo of adrenaline for the final scout drivers.

Coach: 3

A defensive game plan can not be in last year. The USU prepared for Martinez and closed when trying to run out of reading plays, and her & Most of it in the passport game, but only Morgan's long finish. On crime, the story is quite different. Dantonio said his call was to " placing Antjuan Simmons back, and the replacement bridge was introduced and suffered by & # 39; removal of a criminal convicted case. The MSU hosted two wildcats with Heyward – one choice range to La. Darius Jefferson – who lost 4 yards together. The Spartans left the race too – at Dantonio's opinion, he said – for 15 plays that had been played; passing (called sack-fumble by Lombardi) and only three running plays on their four final drivers in the fourth quarter.

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