There was a real need for money, taxes, for cannabis business workers across Scotland's boundaries: Head of


There are staff in the Saskatchewan language industry that looks across the border into the US. and trying to avoid the ban that should not be & # 39; break – but they do not have to tell their whole story of life, according to the Chief Executive in the business.

George Robinson says he's going to be involved in a cannabis business and he's Many travel to the USA, which includes many questions from border agents.

Robinson, Chief Executive of RavenQuest BioMed, represented cannabis, research and consulting industry, told American border agents that he works with cannabis and his company works and works; Asset ownership except only within Canada, not the USA.

"I'm going to enjoy happiness." I may speak at a conference. I never had anything, "said Robinson when he spoke to Radio – Canada at the Western Agribition in Regina.

"I think it's bigger about how you are dealing with the security of the boundary rather than just using it you're using [marijuana] or do not use it. "

As the use of marijuana recreation in Canada has been legal, Canada has raised concerns about its potential to be banned from U.S. if asked about the past marijuana use.

Robinson said that although the best way of doing is the best way, a little professionalism and respect when interaction with long-term border agents.

"Canada is a voluntary volunteer who works in a Canadian marijuana business or can help to come to the US for non-business related purposes Marijuana that is licensed to the US ", Kris Grogan, a public business officer for US Customs and Border Protection, wrote in an email.

"However, if a traveler is found to come to the US for a purpose related to the marijuana business, they may be considered uncontrollable."

Staff with Fire and Floor Cannabis Stores, who run retailers in many Saskatchewan communities, have also expressed concerns about additional border problems, according to the former head of human companies.

"We just urge our people to use their judgment and make sure they do not attempt to overwrite material or anything like that and not We have problems, "said Jesse Cheetham.

He said that the company's staff regularly travel to the US and that it is a great deal. Encouraging staff to travel, if they want.

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