There was a right community: Enel and Bocamina were convicted of environmental damage in Lota and Coronel


Enel and thermoelectric Bocamina have the Valdivia Environmental Court as a result of air pollution in Lota and Coronel, although it was mentioned in the management that could cause damage from other sources. On Colbún, at the same time, the regulation says that the evidence offered was not allowed to prove its duty.

The management was set by Ministers Michael Hantke Domas, Roberto Pastén Carrasco and Pablo Miranda Nigro, formerly established by the Endesa (an Enel) above the rate of rescue term for 340 in 2014 , which added to the place the plant in a locked area with pattern material, an environmental condition that remains to the present day, take responsibility for environmental damage.

After three years of processing, the lawsuit lodged by fishermen, aliens and residents of Lota and Coronel was accepted, and in 2015, They name the old Endesa and Colbún for pollution in the old coal committees.

When he was managing, The Third Environment Tribunal of Valdivia agreed that the responsibility of thermoelectric Bocamine plant was proven for air pollution, but Minister Michael Hantke noted that Enel was not the only source; in the material that causes harm to the environment.

"Endesa is responsible for air pollution in the Lota and Coronel society, since it has passed over the average to rescue rescue", the Minister, convicted, Michael Hantke, during the year 2014.

But his or her case was rejected in the & # 39; Part to indicate the main Santa María, but the master stated that his / her arrival arrived; The court made that decision due to the lack of evidence that was brought against the Colbún generator.

"Although environmental damage to the air in the Talcahuano, Lota and Coronel societies, the applicants did not reveal what Colbun's illegal conduct made in this case. to illegal behavior, in terms of its deteriorated environmental damage ".

In that line, the neighbors' lawyer told thermoelectric of Colbún, Andrés Durán, in the definition of his / her; Hantke's minister and he remembered a sentence that accused the violation of Santa Maria with the arrangement of environmental certification that gave the green light to his / her; center in Coronel.

"I think what the minister says is right, and he works accordingly by a rule that was brought out by his own court, where Does it contravene two serious crimes in Colbun: one by fighting and another with teams as well as those that are authorized, and therefore a 20 megawat kit in the middle ".

Although the Environmental Court certified the damage to the air from Bocamina, he did not control water and soil, so he ordered Enel (former Endesa) to reduce Donate 30% on granite distributions. to be completed within six months, the resolution stated.

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