There was a very fast online touch, Thai Dung MC lost 30 million in bank accounts


Recently, many people have always been deceived by fraudulent people, to sum up to the thousands of millions in the bank account that has brought him a lot of people. In recent times, the Thai Dung MC incidentally hit the problem that it was a problem through a social network and lost 30 million in the census in just one second.

According to MC Thai Dung on the personal page, as well as its main work, MC, Thai Dung is also a homestay business and when it's free, it often relies directly with customers, buy.

Online crash crash, Thai Thai Dung lost 30 million in bank account - Picture 1.

The section of MC Thai Dung on the personal page

Early on the morning of 22/11, a Facebook account and a submission to be a Vietnam Vietnam abroad living in the USA and they need to store two homestay rooms during the Christmas break. Due to a relevant subject and dedicated clients are enthusiastic, when requesting this account, Thai Thai will have a " follow the instructions. She encrypted to Thai Thai and asked her information count number, password to get the investment. Shortly afterwards, you got an OTP code that you sent to his mobile phone to complete the other website. After a few short steps, Mr Dung found that the money made in the census was unexpected.

"I lost all the money in my account after I received a command to get his code again to get money from FB MHTK .. The United States guest said he wanted two store room.

We have followed guest guides, enter the code to complete the keeper procedures for guests to complete quickly. And just after a few connections, I was surprised when the phone provided information about the account without money. At the same time, the Facebook crash still pushes forward and I'm going to do it; I think there's still no money but just after 10 minutes that Facebook has completely disappeared.", Dearc Thai Department on his personal page.

Lost online heavyweight, Thai Thai Dung lost 30 million in bank account - Photograph 2.

According to Dung Thai's share, he himself was spoiled because he did not think so fast. Shortly after the money has been deducted from the census, This man went to the bank quickly to report a lock to her; census.

After dividing all the money in the census, the man said that his chances have not got back money but he wants to warn people so that no one is caught. more. The best ones the same way.

"Our usual trick is trying to sign in to Internet banking on their own website (the site to withdraw money), and then it is then give your personal information to do the matter. He has money to go.

Previously I know that the money can not be recovered but I think I should share it with everyone and so no one is caught in this hall more or at least This is also more alert because I certainly know that it will be time even though you have a caring and familiar life for a few minutes without any care, when the current business is do not work through social networks as it is now, " Rene Thai.

Before a MC man happens, share with, đBank representatives said Mr Dung was illegal fraud. These items get information related to & # 39; Bank account by asking the census number, to bring the password to a fake website. Then, ask the OTP code to transfer the transfer from victim money to another account.

"OTP is the best key to protect your account, and you have no obligation to keep this secret OTP confidential and is not given to anyone. Fishing for money to the user "he said.

In addition, experts have warned people to lock lock immediately and change the password for financial services if a tweed phone is lost. Bad adverse effects on personal information, e-mail, social networking accounts on smartphones to financial services, and withdraw money.

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