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A controversial controversial decision was first played in the grand derby in the final of the Spanish Cup, which also raised Luka Doncic to his legs.

In Spain, the ever-running Real Madrid and Barcelona campaigns have moved to the final of the competition; sucks After the half end, the Catalans arrived 94:93, and the critical warrior became the best guardian of the Madrid and American club with a Slovenian travel permit Anthony Randolph.

The second move was awarded Barcelona, ​​with a total of 25 in cabinets and a club (25-11). The recorder still Real with 27 cups (27-21), and won the final in 2017.

In the framework for one of the basketball games a year on the Iberia Point there were three basketball players in Slovenian, but they had to meet two with the role of the observer. Randolph placed 35 minutes on the floor and he was the 16th most skilled person on his team. His companion Klemen Prepelič He did not get a chance, and Barcelona's basketball basketball player was on his way; bench too Jaka Blažič.

Randolp played one of the most important roles in the realization of Real, and at last, his conclusions made him stop his / her; competitors.

The teams were completely equal to their normal work (77:77), so the extension was determined by the winner. Barcelona had 20 seconds at the end of the lead five points, and Real down in a trio two. In the next attack, Randolph blocked his basket in Barcelona with rough personal error, but the referees showed his fingers. At risk, Real made a personal mistake and gave him another 93:92.

They stayed at the traffic light for four seconds. Barça played at the middle Ante Tomića, who had Randolph hindering the target. After reviewing the video, the judges decided that the "Tončkov" block was not in accordance with the rules, so that Barçi had two points.

Last product 94:93 a & # 39; leaving defenders the title.

The decision raised a lot of dust, and after a game, a member of the Royal Club Luka Doncic, who expressed it unhappy with the referee's troika. Doncic did not lose his words, but he spent his opinion with the help of emoticon or sequence.

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