There was fear in Bratislava, the sky was thickened by mist: VIDEO On final MHD fire bus


The Presidium HaZZ Operation Center, in Bratislava, reported that 14 firefighters were involved in the site with four pieces of fire fighting equipment. The flames fought more than two hours.

Bratislava Adriana Volfová, a speaker for the Bratislava transport company, went into the bus that started to burn at the parking spot at 08:51. However, the reason is not yet known. According to her, she was the old Karosa gas bus. there.

The event was not lost by Zomri's wild Facebook page. They sent both screenshots and videos.

A home bus was bombing fire.

Source: Facebook / Zomri

"The staff in the workshop immediately said they would send out a DPB, eg, immediately when firefighters and police came in. The event is at the level of policing, treated without harm and also without any damage within its; cart, " A. Volfová added.

Eight fires

According to Adriana Volfová, the second fire is the bus for 2018 last year. Last year there were four fires, and in the year 2016 there were also two cars. For 2015, statistics will be zero.

The thickness was visible from afar, with many Bratislava fears.

Fire at home

Source: product reader

In any case, it was fire for buses. As the speaker specifies, they do not. recording such cases in trolleybuses and trams.

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