There was no money for half-term heat water to destroy a single mother! A 4-year-old boy died in 2 days Apple Daily


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The "Free Times" said that his 28-year-old Lin was named as a mother in the Taichung City, after dividing his spouse, living alone in a room with three sons . Cha b & # 39; She can not go out because of her young children's care.

On the late 17th century, I suspected to take care of the other two sons. I did not notice that the second son, who was 4 years old and had a slow development, bath in the hot water, but dropped into the bath-wall, and the high body was burned to peel. The voice was ceased, a woman from Lin left the medicine for her doctor's not to leave her, losing her son's pain for almost two days, which did not breathe a & # 39; his heart, early on the morning of the 19th century, with the wife of Lin quickly for help, but he died after his first aid.

When he received the transcription, she said that the second son is a very early child, who has a delay in development, and that people have the ability to speak well. It is currently a & # 39; instantly climb his son and disrupt his & her; drug, but his son's ability to tell. If it's a problem, I do not know if it's really damaging. In addition, if it does not have money, it will delay the & # 39; putting the doctor and his diabetes into abuse. Take care of your grandmother. (New News Unit / Total Report)

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