There was strange smoke on the sky and people suffered from famine. Scientists have made a decision on the worst year of humanity history


Many of us may have found an unpleasant year in our lives, but experts would not agree with you. What's the worst year for humanity?

Humanity has been having a number of years unpleasant, for example, the years 1941 to 1945 were very hard. Not in the year 1918, when a 100,000 million people were killed. But none of them were the worst of the year's title. It's the worst year in history. mankind 536 AD. Why the hell?

536 a & # 39; worst year

Harvard historian and archeologist Michael McCormick wrote work and journal with his colleagues Science Magazine He said that while humanity suffered only "normal" wars at that time and did not threaten a discharged disease, 536 is the worst thing for humanity. For ten years, Emperor Biosantine, Justinian Great, managed, but was not an unhappy reason.

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In 536 the blue sky blew a strange fog, the sun rays could not pass through, and the temperature was plentiful. The following summer months were in China and snow, the crops did not; grows, times of extreme severe and people suffering from disease. Historians wrote that it seemed like a sun's eclipse had been in & # 39; managed throughout the year.

The reason for volcanic activity

Experts believe that it was the responsibility of most of the volcanic activity that caused short, but very severe cooling. How did the sciences come to this conclusion? It allowed them to explore glaciers at the borders between Switzerland and Italy. Glaciers are a very unique resource of archaeological information. Volcanic presentations in the glaciers show that the rubbish does not occur not only in 536, but also four years later, as well as human suffering.

Picture: invisible / Marc Szeglat

But everything changed in 640. Lead lead sequences were found in the glacier, which meant that people started to go. pull ponds and get money from them. That's why it's been another milestone in the years 660 and 695, and people started to. making silver coins. Although this does not seem to be an important step, he has identified good news for humanity. This meant that the economy had slowly evolved but slowly to its feet and the development had only been made over a number of decades.

But these events have continued to disturb the black sea. Lead pollution and lead materials due to drainage resulted in pandemic pandemic pandemic between 1349-1335.

It's really interesting, everything that can be learned from a piece of icebag and as little as enough to change everyone's future.


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