There were 9 accidents in the National Lot 1A


In 2 days 17 and 18/11 on the 1A road through the Tuy area, 9 cars were removed, causing great damage. The causes of these disasters are due to overcrowding, road traffic and flooding. It is worth saying that warning signs are not in very seriously damaged places. According to the Phu Yen Transport Department, there are heavy rainfall in the past days about 1,100m2 of timber and barrier construction on Highway 1. Although the construction units have a & # 39 ; National Highway 1 repairs, but the progress is slow. Many of the pots come after the repairs by going to # 39; roof maintenance. It did not make sure that traffic safety at present was not flooded, and so many of the collisions that occurred.

Phu Yen Department of Bahrain Road Administration Administration, Thang Long Project Management Unit and associated units have been requested to repair and repair the damage quickly on National Highway 1 through the Phu Yen section. At the same time, there is a solution to checking traffic at the new time of the sheepfolds but not to # 39; recover from water to ensure safety, especially in the current glass season.

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