There were two leaders on the chair of the Upazila chairman


Two heads of the president of Upazila Parishad were defeated after the letter was nominated as a BNP candidate for the eleventh Parliament election.

They are Joypurhat Sadar Upazila Parishad, Chairman of Fazlur Rahman and Chairman of Raiganj Upazila Parishad of Sirajganj Enayul Haque. They inserted the sentence on Tuesday.

In the district area Joypurhat-1 (Sadar and Panchbibi) vice president BNP Fazlur Rahman and BNP Central Committee Faisal Alim have received the letter.

After receiving the letter, Fazlur Rahman applied for his appointment to Deputy Minister Mohammad Zakir Hossain yesterday.

To ask for, Fazlur Rahman said he did not; he left chairman of Sadar Upazila Parishad to avoid a legal problem. Deputy Chief Executive Mohammad Zakir Hossain retired. The Deputy Commissioner will send it to his or her ministry involved.

On the other hand, Sirajganj-3 (Raiganj-Tarash) candidate for the election was elected as the candidate of the election, the Chairman of Raiganj Upazila Parishad was discharged from his party. Yesterday he sent the post letter.

In addition to President Upazila Jubo Dal, Ainul Haque, the BNP also sent a letter to Abdul Mannan Talukder, who is named by the party, for a three-time constituency.

Submit ONE to & # 39; let Ain Ainul Shamimur Rahman confirmed.

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