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(Media News Bank Reporter Zhang Wei, Taipei, 21st) Based on the change to the basic payment change for Year's Day & New from 22,000 yuan to 23,100 yuan, the Health Insurance Agency will improve the amount of an insurance sum, and 120,000 people can pay NT $ 13 per month. 3.17 million people will pay 4 to 57 per cent more per month, and it is expected that 2.6 billion yuan will increase annually.

Lu Liyu, a member of the Central Health Ministry of the Central Health and Welfare Ministry, said today, in accordance with the Health Insurance law, said that the minimum level of health insurance measurement scale must be the basic salary. After the Labor Minister announced the basic salary in September this year, the Health Insurance Department will link the revised scale. , most of them & # 39; affecting 3 groups of racial groups.

Lu Liyu stated that the first and second levels of health insurance priorities are combined, from 22,000 yuan to at present, to 223 yuan, currently, between 2,280,1,2,300,100 yuan, and the monthly insurance amount 2 The 4,000 yuan will change to 2,300 yuan, with the 120,000 people able to pay less than 13 yuan.

With regard to the insurance amount of 22,000 yuan, 22,800 yuan, they will be changed to 23,100 yuan, 3.12 million prices will increase by 4 yuan to 15 yuan per month.

According to Health Insurance Law, insurance insurance rates cover insurance insurance rates at 12 levels, and increase the insurance increase from 36,300 yuan to a year; currently at 38,200 yuan, and the monthly increase for health insurance will increase 26 yuan.

In addition, specialized professional and technical workers who work for themselves and who do not employ paid staff to help staff, as insurance brokers, have the lowest salary level at the sixth level to be implemented according to the health insurance law. The minimum amount of insurance will increase from 27,600 yuan to 28,800 yuan, and the price will increase for 5,000 people with 57 yuan.

Lu Liyu said that the change would still be named after the agreement. It is expected that next year's New Year's Day will be able to pay 2.6 billion yuan in raising health insurance with the new basic salary. (Editor: Zhang Wei) 1071121

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