There will be 317 vaccine appointments held at Health Week in Coahuila


A total of 371 vaccines will be entered into Coahuila for children under five of their service during their First Health Week. Picture: NTX.

Saltillo, Gearran 20 (Notimex) .- A total of 371 vaccines will be placed in Coahuila for a service of children under the age of five at the First Health Week, which begins on 23 February.

The Coahuila Government Health Ministry said brigades at shops and schools only on Saturday, to use their relationship in the department's health units.

He said in a statement that 151 staff and volunteers will attend these points, which will be the case. Attending children who need to & # 39; Most polio vaccine.

In the First Week of Health, which has the logo "For the benefit of your family and Mexico," he said 984,000 294 actions were made, including the " The demand for 242,000 664 doses from Sabin to stand out.

He said that the care group of children under the age of five, "as long as they have two previous doors of acellular painted immunization, by keeping the poliovirus away from the national border . "

A state-of-the-art organization emphasized that the basic record of a permanent vaccine such as BCG, pentavalent acellular, anti-hepatitis B, triple viral, anti-rotavirus and anti-pneumococcal conjugate to be completed, as well as to # 39 ; Strengthening the vaccine against its flu vaccine.

In addition, a living diet will be provided by oral burners, albendazole, Vitamal A and the promotion of actions to prevent emergencies of emergencies.

The State Health Ministry requested parents to attend these vaccines during the week from 23 February to March 1.

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