There will be 76 internal players, a photo sharing, a secret blow 63


A Independent 76 the player was thrown into badly and was tied inside the corridor that he believes is unavailable 63 – the story extension may probably be a protected area player no DLC. After radiation for the help of the Game Game Bethesda Studio themselves, they got free for themselves, but still disturbed them from banning or other control.

Redditor McStaken said they had a short time there; Rad-Rat horde event. As long as they were in, they put these nine pictures (tro imgur) of a varied interior 63.

Band 63 is located Map Unlock (Open)The Ash Heap district in the southwest end of the map. The entrance is inside a small cave that goes through an outside tree door. There is a postcard logo that supports an "ID ID card", which is a " including that there is a way to get in – McStaken has now been reinforced.

According to Nukapedia, Band 63 is one of the three collections of a team trip cut from the game before its launch. The other thing is about the Landscape 63 known before McStaken came in there that his number appears to be the same as he does; refers to the date of the West Virginia state (1863).

We have come to the representatives of Bethesda Softworks for more information on Problem 63 – and also confirming that McStaken is not a kind of problem for internal completion.

There were players who were inside an encrypted chamber, one well-known in which everything in the game (and Wooby) was about investigating and imposing a barrier to do it. If their activity demonstrated that they had been within the Wooby room, their accounts were returned automatically and received a note from their office. principle asking them to explain themselves.

McStaken says they put a ticket to Bethesda and "asked them well not to stop me." Another renewal said that they were not banned and "or Bethesda has not been breathing my neck".

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