There will be a rate of 11, 76 billion for pensions and social benefits next year


Hot screens committees as a result of the debate under Art. 1 of the State Social Security

The next year's Social Security budget will increase almost 11, 76 billion as the next year. Of those, 9.9 billion levs for pensions. This was accepted at second reading by the Art voting elections. 1 for a HSS unified budget. The debate began shortly after 9pm, although the Sociologists were only voting on Art. 1, and the rest of the law will continue for tomorrow. You want to set everything in the dark and to miss against her false attraction and quiet reading and not to. hear what we are voting. It's easy for you because you're not thinking, just a vote for, "said BSP MP Georgi Gikov to the GERB. But his recommendation was not accepted.

DPS has recommended that the money be raised with a further 150m leva so that pensions will be renumbered by 5.7% from April and not as expected on June 1st. However, it was rejected.

The BSP offered the money to increase by billions. Amongst their suggestions, the highest 3900 BGN insurance rate, the lowest salary of BGN 640 and the highest pension of BGN 1560, did not have a & # 39; also supported.

"GERB told you that you are willing and that elections to the Bulgarian citizens will increase their highest income," said Red Dragomir Stoynev and stressed that the BSP will take 3900 leva. Vladimir Toshev from GERB immediately answered that the minimum salary in 2009 was 240 levs, and now it is 510 leva. It is still worse after 10 years of GERB management, Stoynev's accountants.

Legal commissioner leader Danail Kirilov said Stoynev was allowed to be allowed for the words. What do you want us to listen for 9 hours for BSP speakers that repeat the same thing, did Kirilov ask.

And Article 1 debates continued for more than one hour and a half, and a 15-minute break was needed to solve the requests in the plenary session. Shortly after that, he became a scannel again, and the reason why Patriot Pavel Shopov finished the debate. But he was disturbing the redirecters who wanted to talk. Ten MPs completed the quake to Tsvya Karaiancheva, Speaker of the National Assembly, but was firm and sent to the end of debate. At the same time MEP made a BSP a list of all members of the parliamentary body. Now, since I have a list, I will give the floor to everyone, said Karayancheva. Follow the job challenge procedures and even the title of the law was subject to scrutiny.

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