There's no more control – like Metroidvania


The Controller of Remedy Entertainment is "Control," more open and smaller than previous studio projects.

screen shot

"Control" will be less than the previous games of Remedy Entertainment and also adds "Metroidvania" mode. Mikael Kasurinen's games director, said: "Earlier games have the potential to be linear, and we have moved our aim to more complex situations with our different abilities, and you have chosen the way you choose for fighting. "

He said, “Usually, we have a sandy boxing environment, looking at the previous games, they were more flowing, saying more statistically and predefined, we have written all the single enemies, where and how it came to light, etc. In this game, everything is smooth, the enemies are created by a system, all these things can support the open world. ”

At the main campaign, you can improve your security solution and re-open more doors to enter previously enclosed areas, such as the “Metroidvania” category it likes. "Control" is due to be released in summer 2019 for the PC, Xbox One and the PlayStation 4.

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