These animals will end the brain in just 4 days … What is a good food for the brain? What foods do you harm the brain? – Gallery


Regular and healthy nutrition can prevent many diseases and can develop and develop the brain. The brain needs prodine, carbohydrate, antioxidant and omega-3 food supplies for healthy work. The food we use is not a & # 39; stress us. The nutrients that we eat during the day are significantly affecting our mental health. What foods do you harm the brain? How does the brain feed Food that adversely affects the health of a brain.

According to the research carried out by the Neurology Academy; there is fat and fatty food, so that damage can be damaged within four days.

In the study, partner data that ate high fat and sugar at a breakfast for 4 days was examined. It was confirmed that the nutritional and nutritional program of nutrition and sugar has a negative effect on the person's mental health; adversely affect the thinking and memory skills.

An Oxford University tested that high diet diet caused for five days, resulting in mood and mood changes as well as attention and memory work.

It is not too heavy to fight for many people to find suitable clothes for them. There is a lot of stress that has a & # 39; affects all its body. Heart attack and diabetes are very high in those people. However, according to experts, this definition does not mean that people can make the breath easy.

According to the study published in the Circulation and Lancet magazine; a healthy look does not mean you have a healthy body. If you are weak but you have unhealthy foods and you avoid exercise, you are still at risk of cancer, heart attack and diabetes.

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