These are the best images of ever Galaxy S10


The internet is already "dried" by obtaining leaks and images from the Galaxy S10. Indeed, this year has been the flood of designations and news. Finally in others it would be like that. But, 2019, it seems that it is stronger than the previous year's leeks.

But still, in the middle of the amount of information, it is always some that stand more than others.

This is the newly-opened case of the known leakster Evan Blass. In fact, the best ever ever seen of the Galaxy S10.

best pictures

The new loss looks almost as an advanced and official image of the Galaxy S10. Both the normal version and the cheapest version, Galaxy S10e.

The statement is based on what we have seen before.

So it tells the Galaxy S10e to come up with two rooms in the back. To this there is a self-room in a hole. A reader finds fingers on the weakness of the side and a smooth screen. We remind you that the screen of the other modules is filled.

There is a triple camera arrangement on the Galaxy S10 behind. There is no finger in the rear and so it is attached to the screen. To this we have added the curved screen at the ones we had already spoken.

In addition there is no other important information we can deduct from those arrangements.

In larger technical terms, at screen level there is no secret. So, the Samsung Galaxy S10 is equipped with AMOLED Infinity-O panel. If the hole is not in the screen and it seems that we were in front of the S9.

However, the highest and lowest panels on smartphones were greatly reduced.

The Galaxy S10 has a small cut for face camera in the upper corner of the screen. The same thing goes for the "light" version.

The Snapdragon 855 chipset is present in selected markets such as the USA and China. Exynos 9820 chipset will receive Europe and other markets.

The famous chipset 855

That says, and as far as the chipset, the information on the internet has been horrible. There have been tests that Snapdragon has shown to be faster and other. However, I think many things are similar to them and the user can not account for the differences.

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