These are the dangers of destroying ears of birth


The Pediatric Academy warned of the dangers of this use as common in girls to put chickens

One of the most common habits about a new girl is to have a circle position, a & # 39; pull their ears. However, Pediatric Academy warned of the dangers of this approach by some who are taking it, and others that are not.

Some agree that they will be asked when they are; grow up, but when they are babies they do not remember the & # 39; This pain creates. Other parents decide on a young age so there is no doubt about the child's nature. Like others, they just do it for something cultural.

However, from an American American Pediatric Academy, he is praying to move the ears of the girl to the dangers of his / her; a piece of metal in the abduction. They can be caught in clothing, and can cause your mouth to your health problems.

Some parents are not even a & # 39; Waiting a few days to put their ears on, but they do it only a few hours before the baby gets a green glue, usually taking two months. This vaccine is also provided at 6, and at 15, and doctors have a It is recommended that the trips be made after 3 tours.

Another concern is that the rings are made of gold, and the equipment required for excavation is only correct, but it is properly injured. In the worst case, this may cause your daughter to go to; suffering a disease and getting hepatitis opportunities.

Another problem of cancer reproduction, which can cause a disease in the metal cell with its metal used to make it possible; dig.

Decides on the decision to put children's feathers, is it amazing for them?

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