These are the films and the series that comes to Netflix in January TV and Exhibition


As usual, many films, sequences and statements will appear on Netflix the following month.

Some of the lines will appear on the platform American Amber Storr: murder of Gianni Versace, the first circle of it Titanan of DC Comics, the second season of the series The citizen Marvel and Upcoming Reconciliation 4: Part 2.

In terms of films, there are some celebrities Spotlight (2015), Cologne Dignity (2015), and Fifth power (2013).

For children, the reputation Zootopy (2016) and classical Mulan (1998), the two of Disney, among others.

Below you can see the full list of the first games.


Club nan Crows: Season 4 (01/25/2019)
New Toledo's Wild Black Watch will play everything in order to reach the destination and thus keep Don Salvador Iglesias's legacy … if Chava and Isabel give him the opportunity.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Season 4: Part 2 (01/25/2019)
Kimmy brings new challenges as head of RR. HH of the company that comes up with Giztoob, and Jacqueline is a " Titus's bid for her new talent group.

Gender Education (11/01/2019)
The familiar Otis benefits her mother's knowledge, sexual orientation, to be in contact with the rebellious Maeve and her. secret clinic opening at school.

Titans (11/01/2019)
Robin, who was a former partner, had a & # 39; guide a group of teenage teenagers who are fighting for a long while & # 39; as they feel the demons themselves.

Marvel – The Punisher: Season 2 (Upcoming)
Frank will do anything to protect a young woman from the influence of the kingdom of pollution politicians and finish Russo once and for everyone.

Godzilla: plan distributor (09/01/2019)
The Alliance with the Earth weakens and Haruo is Thinking about helping himself with the exif, who has a & # 39; A deadly chult to attack a monster who could finish the world.

Medici: The Magnificent (01/25/2019)
This third season shows that Lorenzo's internal struggle has been lost in his & her; a town he wanted to build, look at his people and his / her; become unhappy

Star Trek Discovery: Season 2 (1/18/2019) (Weekly Series)
Due to secret episodes in the disease, the Discovery is a Commencement of new resolution by interim leader: Christopher Pike, of the Enterprise ship.

Grace and Frankie: Season 5 (1/18/2019)
Grace and Frankie do not leave a minute to get their house from the beach and her; show that they are not weak or need help anyone … to get into trouble.

Kingdom (01/25/2019)
The dead king is rising and a secret plague begins to spread. Her dads have to face the new enemies race to go to; revealing detriment and saving his people.

American Crime Scheme: Massacre Gianni Versace (01/17/2019)
Census – Drama describing the Andrew Cunanan murder chain in 1997, spending the lives of five men, including the fashion icon Gianni Versace.

Friends of the university: Season 2 (11/01/2019)
They made mistakes. They were disturbed. They went on. With a wedding at the door, the gang tried to get over the past.

Justice Coranic (01/21/2019)
After returning to Abu Dhabi, instead of going into the father's studio as her family wants, Farah gets her way and her. becoming a solicitor.

World Cups: Meagsago (01/01/2019)
Watch with 47 musicians from 13 divisions that have a diverse perspective of truth and the world. From Mexico: Franco Escamilla, Hugo el Cojo Feliz and Gaby Llanas.

To order Marie Kondo! (01/01/2019)
The behavior of Marie Kondo's order is to teach people how they will transform the home (and their lives) through the KonMari way.

When the heroes fly (10/01/2019)
Four ancient Israeli soldiers will travel to Colombia to get a loved one. left for dead after disagreement.

Black Earth Outlet (01/25/2019)
This complex superstar movie deals with the personal, legal and political accident caused by international war crime tests

Pride, prejudice and zombies
Pride, prejudice and zombies


Nighean (1/18/2019)
She is a 15-year-old daughter in Lara, born in the body of a child and her daughter. dreaming of being a dancer.

IO (1/18/2019)
She is one of the people who lived in the last planet; Just a teenager The land dies and the last ship is dead; going to leave, but she still hopes.

(11/01/2019) only
In a remote corner of the Canary Islands, a young man who falls in an accident from the shore and seriously injured. The only way to survive is to fight.

El Potro, the best one of love (04/01/2019)
Rodrigo, a fascinating, talented singer, augmenting growth and reputation. turn into a string into the most unprecedented media.

On the front page (01/01/2019)
The Boston Globe is a group of journalists and editors of Boston Globe. Detailed review of the cover of the sexual abuse of ministers by the Catholic Church.

Cologne (01/01/2019)
In the Chilean, a young woman begins to go; find suffering for her lover who was seized during war and her. Try to introduce a prison camp to rescue him.

The hidden truth (01/15/2019)
This drama is based on the true tale of a forensic geologist who linked the head injury from NFL players to brain disorder.

The fifth power (01/28/2019)
This drama is based on the first events of WikiLeaks, the content of the contentious and renewable website, and the difficulties it caused.

Bad Behavior (01/01/2019)
An ambitious lawyer who starts his job will put everything in place when it catches an important cause against the pollution activity of a medical company.

Pride, prejudice and zombies (01/01/2019)
English, 19th Century Countryside. When a zombies pest attack, the heroist Elizabeth Bennet and Darcy's landman will be incredibly able to stop him.

Unproductive Life (01/01/2019)
Six talented performers will encounter a crossroads when a member of their showcase has a special role in television.

Don Verdean (01/01/2019)
He works as a biblical archaeologist and encourages his / her; faith through beautiful religious things. Morally questionable?

Low equipment 2 (01/01/2019)
He was blamed for a murder of a fiancé, a woman who insulted her mind. Can he resist his mental games?

In the stars (01/29/2019)
An ugly maker is trying to protect his young son after the death of his wife and tells magic stories to maintain their relationship.

ReMastered - Break in the playground
ReMastered – Break in the playground

Expressions and specialists

ReMastered: Elegy in the playground (11/01/2019)
For years, Pinochet's army officer was kicked for the death of Chile Víctor Jara inn. Now look for a & # 39; heard from exile.

Discussions with Killer: Tapan Ted Bundy (01/24/2019)
A film-based film that is immersed in Ted Bundy's mental caves, has been reconstructed from the statements of the person who kills verses.

Root Cause: For the roots (01/01/2019)
A man who looks for ten years will be the basis for continuing diseases and his / her; Find out that canals are fundamentally dangerous to your health.

The Story of God by Morgan Freeman: Period 1 (01/27/2019)
Morgan Freeman travels all over the world to gain knowledge of the traditions, beliefs, struggles and vitality that connect humanity.

Stole in a clear vision (01/15/2019)
The documentary about real crime tells the story of the story of the Broberg family in Idaho, which is under the control of a sociopathic neighbor.

Catwalk: Stories from the Cat Show Show (07/01/2019)
Follow up a group of judges and exhibitors of the most competitive cat show in Canada. What are they motivating? Here a cat is not locked.

Churches Gabriel "Fluffy": One Show A Show All (29/01/2019)
In this new comedy, Iglesias "Fluffy", Gabriel, a & # 39; talks about his teenager's son, who meets Snoop Dogg, the enthusiastic fans and much more.

Unlimited Conan: Level 1 (12/31/2018)
The host of the famous night record Conan O Brien is a & # 39; going round to give all the interesting scenes to each side.


Children and family

Trolls: Do not miss the rhythm !: Ràth 5 (1/18/2019)
Would you travel to a paradise island through a worm mouse? What would you do if your winter lasts? Find out the fun fun of Villa Troll!

Series of unlucky events: Season 3 (01/01/2019)
In the third and final stages of the series, Baudelaire's children will do everything he offers to solve the VFD's confidentiality and complete the Count Olaf hunting accidentally.

Carmen Sandiego (1/18/2019)
Carmen Sandiego is back in this series that recites not only his new entrances, but the statements that made her become a well-known defender.

Pinky Malinky (01/01/2019)
Pinky Malinky sees the most advanced aspects of everything. Along with his best friends, the little soup is very strong.

I'm pokemon movie: I've chosen you! (Coming Soon)
Ash, 10, will tour the Kanto area to become a Pokemon trainer. The poem begins when you get a gift from Professor Oak.

Disney – Zootopia (01/15/2019)
An otter can only be found on the zootopia animal feed, but a red fox will have a police rabbit with a red fox to re-routine everything.

Disney – Mulan (01/14/2019)
Disney introduces an old story in this lively story of a woman who's a story. disturbed her as a man to fight with the Chinese army.

Power Rangers Ninja Steel: Season 2 (01/01/2019)
The last case was sent to Galvanax, but the bad Madame Odius is a replaces her and becomes a new enemy at the Power Rangers.

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