These are the first Dancing Stars


Back. After breaking, the 2019 ORF wants the successful Dancing Stars format back to the television screens. The eleventh day already supplies enough fuel in advance: Because & # 39; s that it was ÖSTERREICH on her & # 39; first applicant, who became known as BZÖ leader Stefan Petzner (37). This was already confirmed by the ORF as a starting point. Nicole Wesner (41), senior designer player was also banner, who was a banner. dreaming of being a teenager dancer, actor Michael Schottenberg (66) or the assistant artist Soso Mugiraneza, on the dance floor.

Voltages. The CopStories star, Martin Leutgeb (52), will compete for the second time this year. He eventually retired due to the prejudice of training before the first round and may have it again. Two other candidates were cast into the room already: an expert: Elisabeth Görgl (37) and former Norbert Oberhauser (46) moderator. The second thing is as good as being resolved. He also publishes the ORF eve Studio 2 magazine with Verena Scheitz from 7 January. Because it would be reasonable to give the identity a reputation.

Start. From 15 March, the two present, Mirjam Weichselbraun and Klaus Eberhartinger welcome the audience again in Austria's best-known room.

Petzner: "Stop smoking for the show"

Radio Ö24: When was it clear that you would be participating in the show?

Stefan Petzner: I have been thinking for a long time, because that is another challenge. But I also see it as an opportunity to bring myself out as a person and to show other things myself. I have a large picture of them. Technically dancing, I am a person who's a dancer; start from the beginning. But it's an entertaining show and it's about to be fun and funny. try new things.

Radio Ö24: How will you prepare for the show?

Petzner: There is still a time to prepare well and to provide one reason or other purpose; For example, stop smoking, so I have enough breath.

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