These are the medical tests you need to take every year


A new year has begun and so it's important to think about how your health lasts in the last 12 months. Part of this reflection means to & # 39; see if you have achieved the appropriate annual medical studies.

To maintain health, treatment is so important to prevent. One of the best ways to keep the organism in the best position through medical diagnostic studies, even if you are doing it; feel good.

These are the five rehearsals that should even be the most salient every year.

Get a corporate study

It is worth taking a hole in the # 39; Business Negotiating agenda, according to Deborah Blazey-Martin, indoor medicine headteacher and basic care for adults at the Tufts Medical Center (Boston, SA).

The test varies according to age and other factors, but the doctor usually tends to analyze your blood pressure, body temperature, heart level, respiratory rate and body index.

It also ensures if you need a vaccine and you can request Blood21 and urine examinations21.

"The aim of these physical exams is to identify a disease or a problem without signs, but may lead to major disorders or even death unless it is handled," a & # 39; explains Blazey-Martin.

Another reason to go to the doctor is to establish a relationship with him or her every year. Although you are a good feeling now, it is important to know your specialist if you are; experiencing serious health problems in the future.

"Your doctor must be a partner who cares for your health, and the best way to promote their relationship to ensure that the relationship good, "said Blazey-Martin.

Keep your teeth in tip-top shape by going to a dentist
It would be a good idea to go to the dentist every six months or so the chance to prove, avoid and cure oral diseases.

People who are at greater risk of dose decay or gingivitis should be more often more frequent, according to Ana Carolina Botta, a professor associated with the Department of General Dental at the University of Stony Brook (New York).

During this review, it is the normal thing to clean up, which will teach you to improve your oral hygiene and make a general review to evaluate the state of your teeth, gums, language, cheeks and bills.

You may have a diagnosis, look for decay and try to move your teeth, if you raise a record or if you have gingivitis. Dentists can also scan your head, neck and neck for inflammation, red, injury or cancer.

Although your mouth is not oral, you are not interested in a & # 39; Spread these trips because there are many unhealthy oral diseases and can affect your overall health, not just the gums and teeth. It is also much easier and less to treat dental diseases when they are judged early.

Go to the dermatologist

Doris Dermatologist's Day suggests that he will go to the dermatologist at least once a year or more if you are a Take a look at a new or emerging girl. The dermatologist explains and answers questions related to mole, coronary, skin shoes, acne and other diseases related to skin, hair and nail. They are brought to an infinitely better than others to find skin cancers that are not very obvious.

"Fortunately, they are usually slower to grow slower than may be removed with out-of-home surgery without being & # 39; requiring chemotherapy or other aggressive remedies, but if they are left free, they can be damaged and leave uninhabited circuits, "he says. Tuesday

Skin cancer and other skin-related diseases are the only thing that dermatologists can find in these annual scans.

Dermatologists also look for other signs that are the symptoms of your general health, as there is more risk of diabetes, non-verbal and bad adverse effects.

"It is our doctors, we have examined all systems of organisms and when we analyze their skin , our training is essential to find signs in other parts of the body, "says Day.

And they are also there for your help to feel good and their. look good.

"It does not seem unusual, it is an important indicator of general health, dermatologists help to ensure that you are as healthy and as possible and, as a result of So, your skin will look good at any age, "it's a gives a summary.

Go to the gynecologist

If you are a woman, doctors have a suggestion to go to the gynecologist at least once a year to keep your sexual health and breeding in good condition.

According to American College and American Genetics, these visits are important in order to find out about rehabilitation methods, to talk about sexual or damaging concerns, to keep inspirational advice and to find out about cancer, disease which are exposed to sex (STD)), dementia and other health problems.

The gynecologist is the specialist who sees a woman throughout his life and is a fundamental resource for the provision of prevention services and the development of a stable relationship, according to Jimmy Belotte, a physician in the genealogy and chrom Knowledge of the Montefiore Health System. New York

Regular visits to gynecologist typically include general, generic medicine and the family's medical history are reviewed to find out what tests you should do (for example, mammograms and pelvic exams) . If you are of breeding age, you may know about different aspects of reproduction.

At an older age, she will tell you about perimenopause (the move to month month) and menopause, and will help you to deal with related health problems.

Cytologies are another general test in these trips. Before they were done once a year, but now women are unreaded with problems in the # 39; a 21-year-old sad that is a three-year trial.

It is another chance to have HPV theory and test (human papillomavirus) every 5 years to 65, according to Belotte.

Get a mental health test

Because you are doing these physical health exams, it's worth going to & # 39; add to the equation. By going through regular mental tests, it will Help identify symptoms of medicines that can be cure, such as depression or distress.

If you do not have a mental health professional, you can see regularly, you can start to talk to your carer first at first, according to Ken Duckworth, a psychiatrist and a medical director at her. National Federation of Mental Illness.

"The place would be better if normal and normal mental health tests," said Duckworth. At present, these reviews are not far from common or ordinary.

"What's happening now does not work, I'm sorry to say that if people knew the scores of their mental disasters as well as knowing their weight, we would be more closer to being an incredible country, "Duckworth is a" praised.

Many doctors can also do these tests together with physical exams or with the annual geological examination.

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