These are the new features of watchOS 5.1.2


Apple has updated watchOS to version 5.1.2 lately, and we have set a lot in its main novel; is currently restricted to the United States: the ability to make electrocardiograms in the Apple Watch Series 4. But there is a bit of information in that value that is most valuable, they usually wake up with our interest

Increased re-facilities, more information and more control

Series 4 Watch Apple

First thing & # 39; us new problems to place space in the fields. These are short electric to Post, Messages, Home, Maps, News, Search for my friends, phone and remote. Applications that are frequently used in Apple Watch are for consultative or rapid activity purposes, and that harbor will continue to continue to press on our website. digital crown to access the main application screen.

We also have the ability to access warnings about unusual or slow heart heart rhythms, and the appearance of electrocardiograms compatible with Apple 1 Series 2, 2 and 3 as well as 4. The Series 0 is left, so that watchOS 5 can not run.

And finally, in the controller of the watch we have a new button enter or delete available to use the Walkie-Talkie function. So we do not have to go into the department itself to say if we want our links with Aple Watch to talk directly to us from the mobile.

As usual, we recommend that you have the latest version of your watchOS on your Apple Watch at all times. Restore reminiscences of the machine before refurbishing.

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