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In a recent inspection, scientists at the University of Edinburgh's Center for Anti-Imagination and Intelligence demonstrated that particular things can affect patient mental health.

So the researchers decided that obesity, smoking, high blood pressure and diabetes are associated with worse brain health. Additionally, these dangerous brain causes have affected the parts of the brain which rely on complex complex activities.

In fact patients with Alzheimer's and dementia are affected by the same brain.

To prove this, the attractive situation of 9,772 people scanned by the same machine was examined. So it was the most complete survey ever undertaken of the same magnetic equilibrium to examine hidden risks and structural damage to the brain.

Researchers investigated the links between different risk factors and brain damage seen in MRI. They concluded that smoking, obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes have a direct link with the erosion of the brain.

Threats There are increased risks with the patient, the more affected the brain. In particular, it examined less of the gray matter – which is found mainly on the surface of the brain – and a worse situation of the white case – found in deep parts of the brain.

These injuries were seen in each age group and according to the main author of the survey, Simon Cox, these deviations were not distributed across the brain, but they were based in areas that were responsible for advanced understanding.

The scientist also noted that almost all risk factors are genetically programmed and can be curtailed by changing life habits, which is why a health visitor could be affected. volunteer development of their brain.

Cox said, the sooner you start your health care, the more he will have to your brain condition.

This procedure has certain procedures which may be included. One of the key people is that only the images that have been studied and which have not been subjected to tests to find out that the dams are seriously affecting the patient's intellectual performance.

That is the reason why he raises your brain

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