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Stephan Jukic – November 18, 2018

A combination of excellent name brand 4K HDR UHD TVs, streaming media boxes and other major entertainment gadgets is already getting some huge discounts before Black Friday kicks off if you head over to Amazon's website. In fact, some of these deals are available from few others right now and they give you an early, pre-rush start on buying everything you need for a perfect home theater makeover.

Starting off with the most important and savings-rich deals of all, we have Amazon's incredible discounts on major 2018 4K HDR TVs from Samsung. These models are not only getting their prices slashed by 50% or even more from regular retail cost, they're also for what we professionally consider to be some excellent TVs. In other words, we're not talking about low prices for what are really low quality models and brands. Instead, the following TVs all offer very good to downright excellent picture performance that includes full HDR support, crystal-clear 4K resolution and some fantastic display qualities for watching any kind of content at all, even if it is not natively 4K or high dynamic range-mastered.

Now, here are some of the best prices in terms of value and TV quality per dollar spent that we've found so far:

To start things off, massive deals are now live for Samsung's best mid-range 2018 4K HDR TV, the NU8000 model in all of its different sizes. We recently reviewed this television and gave it one very high recommendation due to its overall quality vs. its REGULAR retail price. Now, with these discounts, the NU8000 becomes an even better choice. In the following listings for each of the model's sizes, prices have been dropped by as much as 50% or more in some cases.

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Amazon Already Offering Stunningly Deep Black Friday Discount Deals On These 4K TVs

Check the Samsung NU80000 4K HDR LCD TV (2018 Model) on Amazon

4.7 – 4 Reviews
49 "Samsung 49NU8000 for $ 597.99
55 "Samsung 55NU8000 for $ 747.99
65 "Samsung 65NU8000 for $ 997.99
75 "Samsung 75NU8000 for $ 1597.99

And if you really want to splurge, you can also grab up the gigantic 82 inch NU8000 for roughly $ 1000 off its previous price. This particular model will really beef up your home theater experience.

82 "Samsung 82NU8000 for $ 2497.99

Following the NU8000, there's the Samsung NU7100, another of Samsung's best 4K HDR TVs to-date among the brand's mid-range models. The NU7100 is a bit pricier than the NU6900 and offers slightly better display performance (especially for screen brightness) but it's not quite as high-end as the NU8000. That said, it's a fantastic high-end starter 4K HDR TV that also renders PC or console games exceptionally well while also offering really, really good picture quality for both 4K and normal HD TV content.

40 "Samsung UN40NU7100 for $ 347.99
43 "Samsung UN43NU7100 for $ 377.99
50 "Samsung UN50NU7100 for $ 417.99
55 "Samsung UN55NU7100 for $ 517.99
58 "Samsung UN58NU7100 for $ 547.99
65 "Samsung NU65NU7100 for $ 747.99
75 "Samsung UN75NU7100 for $ 1297.99

Amazon Already Offering Stunningly Deep Black Friday Discount Deals On These 4K TVs

Finally, there's Samsung's even more affordable but also superb NU6900. These deals are exclusive to Walmart for now and can not be found on Amazon quite yet, but they're just as good. This model does not deliver quite the color and display brightness performance of the NU8000 but it's still a fantastic budget 4K TV with some solid HDR support. Furthermore, the NU6900 offers some truly excellent console gaming support that's actually a bit better in terms of reactivity to external console controls (input lag) than many of Samsung's premium QLED TVs, strangely enough. The NU6900 is now truly priced to sell and these prices below also deliver superb value per dollar spent.

43 "Samsung 43NU6900 at Walmart for $ 277.99
50 "Samsung 50NU6900 at Walmart for $ 327.99
55 "Samsung 55NU6900 at Walmart for $ 397.99
65 "Samsung 65NU6900 at Walmart for $ 647.99
75 "Samsung 75NU6900 at Walmart for $ 1197.99

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