these three services are free to everyone


Iliad, aimed at TIM and Vodafone, will be focusing on Giga 50 and also a hidden advertisement on the site

Iliad year after year we arrived in our country it remains one of the figures and Engineering more people than the country. Figures for owner-occupiers say that the French activist is actually the truth on phone: it just thinks in the short term that the vast majority of three million active users will reach more than the next time. .

The promotional campaign behind the success of Iliad continues to be promoted "Giga 50". The option minutes without SMS and SMS and 50 Giga web – also with thanks for your favorable price € 7.99 – continue to sell customers' customers.

Iliad, as well as Giga 50, gets three additional services at no cost

The benefits of Iliad compared to the best competitions they also receive are detailed. Not many people understand, as TIM, Wind and Vodafone, that the Iliad is putting on the plate three free services it's very attractive.

The most important example is that about it Calls cost abroad. Regular users of the SIM can contact friends and relatives I think I think that there would be 60 states in the world. On the list of countries we are looking for all members of the EU and countries such as Canada, the United States and Australia. With Iliad – unlike TIM and Vodafone – namely the calls they will not have costs. The old man Who is so it will be free for you.

The manager will not then expect that there will be additional costs for her taxation plans. The French activist charges taxes on all profiles no additional paid services.

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