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A group from the Northwestern University, in the United States, has examined the optoelectronic system in corrosion that has been stimulated with otter spray problems through medications.

The implant includes a sensory that is a Check whether the eel is full of two LED light bulbs that allow control of some strange cells, as well as a unit that empowers the system and a device that is capable of being detected. record information about her work.

The study confirmed that the mice was well left with the implant, shows spectacular light, weight changes or motor problems seven days after the installation.

The system can identify mathematical patterns in real-time immune operation and turn on the lighting devices to stimulate a special stimulus in response.

The job ensures that this interface is & # 39; Enabling the normalization of its normal salmon and its functionality; Confirmation if it is tightening new exams, it can be changed to be introduced in humans.

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