They are more happy with life in the Goriška area


Today, over 70 countries celebrate the Men's International Day. Since 1999 it has been considered to have been improving their health, gender relationships, place of people in the area; society and family, law and children's acquisition. According to SARS data, in Sweden at the beginning of this year, 49.7% of males were among the 2,066,800 residents.

On average, they are 41.7 years old, the oldest living in the Pomurje area, with an average age of 43.4 years, and the youngest in Osrednjeslovenska, aged 40.3 years. On average, they were 178.1 centimeters high and were 84.7 kilograms; in them. The average age of people in 2006 was the highest level; highest in the Primorska (76.3 year) division, the lowest in southeast Zimbabwe and Savinja (73 years) division.

The average average monthly total salary was recorded in the Osrednjeslovenska region last year (€ 19 euros), the second highest in Gorenjska (1818 euros) and the Coast-Karst (1816 euros) area. The lowest total salary was paid by men in Pomurska (1575 euros) and Zasavska department (1649 euros). In the Zasavska department, up to 54 per cent of people going to work outside the department, in the Osrednjeslovenska & # 39; This is the lowest division.

In the Pomurje area, the highest number of males over the age of 15 with tertiary education is average seven, and in the Middle Slavic department, on average, one or more fourteen graduates from senior -school. Central Slovenia's distribution division is also considered among the sectors with its lowest proportion of male retirements (24 per cent), and Zasavska's highest division (31 per cent).

In addition to their activities, they are more interesting in a region; Karst coast, to a sufficient extent, that is 2.5 hours or more a week, on average, three in four have been reconstructed. In the Posavje division, one-third of the men did not deal with sport or any corporate recreation. Most people had a Last year's smoking in the Zasavska department, where 26% of men were smoking daily; and at least 15 per cent without smoking in the Goriška area.

Last year, the men are usually the most happy men in the Goriška area, with 7.5 (with a majority of 10) estimates. Men in the Obalno-kraška, Gorenjska and Osrednjeslovenska (7.4) departments also exhibited the same level of self-esteem; Men in the Carinthian department are the least satisfied (6.6).

SORS data also shows that Slovenia is a? becoming more remote with citizenship. At the beginning of the year, all 13 people were a citizen in a foreign country; Pomurje's most remote region, with two hundred percent of foreign citizens, and its smallest, the eastern region, with almost 13 per cent, and Osrednjeslovenska with 10 per cent.

The Pomurska department and the Goriška department are ranked by the proportion of 40 year old men. aged or more who lived in the home with their parents, in which 9 per cent were; At least seven per cent were in the Osrednjeslovenska division.

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