They arrest a accused man that he made his daughter in Padre Hurtado


A man is known by initials L.A.S.F He was arrested during the night on Thursday night in the pursuit of Padre Hurtado, in the surponiente de Santiago region, accused of sending his 12-year-old daughter during the summer.

According to the background to the case, the school director where the girl is learning was told to tell Carabineros that the youngest son was sent to her that she had suffered the 31-year-old, who is a biological father.

Police officers of Santa Rosa de Chena then informed the 35th Sexual Offenses Commission at the police station, where the girl's statement was taken, "proving that it was a breach"he said." Captain Carabineros José Miguel López, round officer of the Santiago Costa Prefecture.

Because of the above, the public convener in charge of the order gave the Medical Institute the Institute to take the equivalent tests, which, in turn, appear " His father had gone with his father"He confirmed the officer."

By order of the Judge of the Warrant, the order of the man who was later arrested by Carabineros and that this Friday shall be brought to the first control of the offense of rape.

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