They arrested Luis Paz, the man named Los Monos to kill his murder


The murder of his son on the Megacause led by the "Los Monos" leaders was convicted this year. Yesterday was arrested in Rosario. He was under investigation for drug trafficking and cash glaze. Luis Paz was arrested by the Police Force in the mid- town in a working framework consisting of 24 raids in the Santa Fe and Entre Ríos departments.

In addition to Paz, the promoter named "The Monkeys" after his son's crime – by the ownership of one of his chiefs; band – another seizure was arrested.

In the different raids, some 800 grams of chocaine, one kilogram of marijuana, weapons and cell phones.

Sìth, says the researchers, he would be the leader of a group that was made for the trafficking of drugs and to acquire property made by his / her; that illegal business.

His name became apparent when he gave evidence of the case of Santa Fe's Commonwealth to the Rosemary Nose Band of Los Monos, and he described his son's crime, Martín "Fantasma" Paz, which happened in September 2012.

Although the wound has never been clarified, the file was missing; in the founding form of the criminal inspection judge Juan Carlos Vienna, he put forward and attempted to confirm 12 members of the body.

Last April, the court gave a dinner on Máximo Ariel "Guille" to Cantero until 22 years imprisonment and 37 for the foster son Ramón Machuca, alias "Monchi", for killing and questioning.

According to local researchers, after the death of his son and the fight with Cantero's decision, the family who is La Monos led, Paz founded in the city of Santa Fe and was connected to drug trafficking.

He acknowledged his face when he appeared in a picture through a boxing game in the United States by Judge Vienna, who examined his son's murder, which the Monos expected.

The judge claimed he even got Peace at home but refused to travel with the United States, although they showed a picture together with their couples in four nearby seats.

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