They arrested Rodrigo Eguillor for sexual abuse


For the second time in a week, Justice Rodrigo Eguillor, son of the procurator of Lomas de Zamora, was arrested and was transferred today to his office. factor, Roberto Petinatto de La Plata. This time, the young person was arrested for an unlawful, illegal case that started up a 22 year old daughter I would have attacked me in an establishment near San Telmo.

The step was known last night, after Judge Carlos Bruniard demonstrated the results of the expert's certificate to the wounds that the young woman had suffered. Eguillor had already been arrested some days ago, but wanted to compete with authority. The procurator's son opposed a legal officer and had an incident with an Aeronautical Security security policeman at the Ezeiza Airport when he was ready to travel to Madrid to see the final of the Libertadores Cup.

The new filing warrant against the accused.
The new filing warrant against the accused.

After spending one night in the court and another in the town hall of La Plata, Eguillor got his freedom on Thursday today because the crime for which he was arrested was proven and because the worst cause Against him he was in another court.

At present, Eguillor moved back to prison.
At present, Eguillor moved back to prison.

Justice & # 39; Eguillor investigation for offenses illegal deprivation of freedom and sexual abuse. For the same reason, he was also forbidden to leave his country and prevented him from coming to the victim.

The 24-year-old became a media player after a video in which he could see a & # 39; networking struggles with the tolerant that was recorded on a balcony and Instagram's story uploaded by itself and made a controversy about what happened that night.

The young grievaner in her case decided that Eguillor put her in that room and tried to escape through the window, the place where the videos were recorded . On the other hand, tell him to be & # 39; worried and said he saved his life "because she wanted to kill herself." If I'm not there, the mining would die, "he said on the networks.

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