They attacked the headquarters of the Barracks house and stolen 300 tickets and $ 10,000,000


Legal check for illegal repository tickets for football matches

The River

There were two approaches to homes in San Miguel and Villa Devoto where members of the brava millennium, known as "Los Borrachos del Tablón", lived. According to Home & State Police resources, in the $ 10,000,000 transactions, $ 15,000 and 300 tickets for its $ 39,000. large border tomorrow

Cup Libertadores

from America.

They took 300 tickets for the
They sent 300 claims for "superfinal" and searched their original Belief: City City Father

The home found in San Miguel where the solo leader of the brave hero, Héctor Godoy, known as "Caverna" is better.

As explained by the Police of the Town, first impression
tickets who was stolen would confirm that original bills are; in them.

"Indeed there is a danger with a manager," said Buenos Aires's security secretary, Marcelo D 'Alessandro in the LN + LN + coffee program.

The Home Prosecutor explained that there is still a series of tests to verify original sources originally preserved.

"The search started with the repository of the tickets expanded and promoted to investigate other research assumptions," said a resource with the file access.

The criminals, dangerous and offensive prosecutions in the city of Buenos Aires, Norberto Brotto requested the attacks and was ordered by his judge Patricia Larocca.

"Godoy is always in all movements with the tickets: with the protocols, with some of the partners who have already died and have caused people to pass winding lines, "said a lawsuit who investigated" Cavern "in a number of court cases.

The sources consulted said the research started on April 5 when it was "offered for sale tickets for the Mercado Libre site for a game that was played that day between River Plate and Independiente de Santa Fe, from Colombia, to the first round of the Copa Libertadores de América. "

Part of the money has changed
Part of the money has changed Credit: Home Police

At that moment, Brotto, the public prosecutor, began to co-operate from the Public Behavior Procurement Department of Public Voices of Police; Baile, researching the people responsible for the repository. "When it was passing data and wire, it was possible to find two homes connected to river bars," the speakers consulted.

As stated, in the building where Godoy's "Caverna" lived, in San Miguel, 300 tickets were secured for the Copa Libertadoras game that will be played tomorrow River and


"These tickets will be donated to be certified if they are original or uncertain," they explained the Office Center Office wells.

Credit: Home Police

Greater police staff attacked river clothes and more than $ 10,000,000. "The criminal group would have a close association with the Barrabrava Club River Plate from one of the people who wanted the place of residence and was not found, one of their directors. Shortly afterwards a lawyer appeared Godoy represented at the Brotto lawsuit Office, "added the consultation sources.

In another address that was based in the Villa Devoto community, documents related to the case, computers, and phones were captured. Existing legal resources explained that the building where another bar would live. The respondents indicated it as José Uequin, known as the "Potato Bag".

Godoy or Uequin are not arrested by warrant, according to legal resources.

Bombs and banners taken
Bombs and banners taken Credit: Home Police

"This work is the result of a co-operation between the Public Finance Office and the Police of the Town that began after complaining about the re-sale of tickets with the River." What we are find out that a mafia group benefited from these repurchase jobs and moved forward With all the ways ahead of its opposition, this work is part of the the everyday war that we accept those criminals who are at the same time. attacking themselves as fans, we are not resting for violence and violence in football, "said Minister of Justice and Justice Buenos Aires, Martín Ocampo.

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