They buried the deceased's mother with similar dengue signs


10 February, 2019 – 16:37
This is the case that was erased as dengue, in El Chorro. The woman gives the same marks as his son. Dengue no chikungunya is spread from person to person, but there are signs of literal knowledge in the home.

The mother of Juan Carlos Álvarez, who was 18 years old, died last Thursday in Salvador Mazza's home after a serious fever, was sent to Juan Domingo Perón's hospital in Tartagal, Record one mark to his son: including high fever.

Eugenia Solis, 45, started with a great fever after he had buried the remains of his son; Juan Carlos died after several days from helping him to give a patient at Salvador Mazza hospital. There was no judgment. For the ideas of one of the professionals who helped him, their relatives believe that It's a bit tough of dengue or chikungunya.

This epidemiology proved that fair, but it is unknown why it died and it is clear that he will not get the right medicine.

The young man, who lives in El Chorro, has several times with his sister Norma Álvarez to go to her. a medical consultant, but the three professionals who helped him in the garden service did not order their hospital or subsequent movement to Tartagal, despite which there was a stable stable state at 1 February. The boy died Thursday at home and when his sister Norma sent him to the hospital and thought he had spent the boy was already.

Everything shows that Juan Carlos's biology was not found in time with the doctors, which showed only acetaminophen for fever and rest. After the burial of his remains, the boy's mother started with similar features, and so from Salvador Mazza he was sent to Tartagal where he was learning. Dengue no chikungunya is spread from person to person, but there are signs of literal knowledge in the home. A woman is still in hospital.

Prevention against dengue

Apply in the area to remove the Aedes aegypti mosquito.

Work to find the Aedes aegypti reservoirs. Jan Touzeau

Technical teams of Epidemiology of Nation and Province affirm the aggressive activities in the northern continent belt, to eliminate the Aedes aegypti mosquito, which relies on dengue broadcasting, Zika and chikungunya .

The activities are surrounded in the towns of Tartagal, Orán, Embarcación and Morillo, where the cases declared 59 dengue were reported.

Cleaning and disciplinary work, focus control and awareness-raising work are incorporated into a house with a house to dispose of prevention measures for local families. Due to the usual waters and conditions in the summer, it is proposed that patios, gardens, gutters and places where there can be constant water and eliminate any reception who is serving bow.

In addition, change the water of pet pets daily, cooking the walls of each vessel, and a large cover of water tanks, blind dancing and mosquito nets in the posts, keep the hay and herb grass, among other activities.

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