They can give new cures for autism with a brain examination


The deep brain examination has continued to find a relationship between certain global gadgets and diseases such as autism and schizophrenia, this link may continue to be developed new cures for these diseases.

The article explained the relationship between molecols and autism and schizophrenia in the Science and in the magazine 12 venues from across the world participated. All of these investigated the ability of the brain.

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The study may include advances in medications for neuropsychiatric diseases that this study involves connecting the molecular effects of some of the cells; Genetic changes in the brain with autism spectrum diseases and schizophrenia.

Since the Genom Human Human Project was completed in 2013, researchers found a variety of genetic variations in the DNA series, so there are no similar two generations – linked to neuropsychiatric diseases and these studies without showing new ways of these diseases.

The series of research published today "provides a roadmap for the development of a new generation of medications for mental illness," said California University of Los Angeles (UCLA).

This work "delivers some of the links necessary to understand the ways of mental illness," said Dr. Daniel Geschwind of UCLA and the author of two of the ten studies.

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In the past ten years, scientists carried out a genetic study in people with mental illness and compared the ones with healthy people to find out what the different genes have. In the first one, even though they had more results than the answers.

Not only did the experts find that genes were related to these diseases, but also that hundreds of DNA areas between the genera – called DNA – were also associated.

Scientists know that the DNA regulatory divisions can control how, where and how a gene is turned off and out, but make sure that "regulatory divisions" ; impact on the genes and, therefore, the RNA and protons; are encoded by the genes. "It's not easy."

The set of new data – in particular a detailed module of the molecular operation of the human brain – is now available, as a starting point for other researchers to investigate sickness devices and possible targets of drugs.

"This resource is so extensive that they can start by choosing a disease related to a genetic difference and deeper in order to find out what & # 39 ; the impact of molecular networks on the brain, "said Geschwind. EFE

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