They can not without Giannis the Baks (video) – Basketball – NBA


Baks in the morning showed a disappointment against Magic, which won 83-103 in Milwaukee.

The "deer" was played without Giannis Adétocunbos, since "Freak Greugach" had been disturbing her & her; knee right and was willing to protect its & # 39; game with Orlando.

It was obvious that the Greek star star was clear and the wizard left a comfortable "double" wizard from Milwaukee.

As well as the Adatokunpo, Mike Budencholzer did not count on the newly built Nicolas Mirotic, although the 83 points saved in the # 39; This game is the negative for Baks this season in the NBA!

For its guests, Bledso double doubled with 19 points and 11 reagents while Voutsevic had a good night at "double" with 15 points and 17 concepts.

The last twelve months: 19-20, 49-59, 64-79, 83-103



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