They cannot handle Ciang Rai, who does not change the stadium of Duan Buri 3 Apr


Kweagosgg Disaster This statement did not change the program to visit previous Lightning Castle and identified the reason for the response. With complex toxic problems

Play Chiang Rai United A clear statement that I want to grab the competition program as it was in the Toyota Thai League 2019 game. Buriram United

The organizers of the Thai League have ordered Kwang Kao Ngang to change to a visit to Buriram Castle at Buriram just because now in the Thailand northern region With unsafe dust What are the criteria? health effects Before the latest, Chiang Rai's publications publish by telling illustrations and data about them

"Chiang Rai United Singha Club would like to report where the Toyota football match in 2019 is played between Chiang Rai United and Buriram United on Wednesday 3 April 2019 according to the original competition program.

“For this reason, the Singh Rai United Kingdom club has conducted a review of the weather forecast before Chiang Rai before the race between March 27, 2019 – April 2, 2019 and it has mentioned the negative values ​​that will not affect activity. outdoor. Therefore, the rehearsal for the competition was set out on the same timetable again, which is on 3 April, 2019 at 19.00pm at Singha Stadium, with the following information being clarified " t

“1. The club has prepared basic problems. Using a fire engine to trim water to reduce the air dust around the field before the race Bringing in staff and volunteers to deliver toilet masks t to All Staff Bringing all football fans who come to watch the game in the game " t

“2. The club has prepared a birthday celebration for the club's top counselor, Mr Yongyuth Tiyapairat, who is in the morning service meaningful service. And after the race, there will be a birthday celebration Who are all the people in the club you should respect You In including respecting the club's supporters . "

"3. According to the forecast of dust from sources of reliability (IQAir AirVisual), the results of dust drinks will be gradually reduced to up to the normal value of 51-100, an activity that can be t If the doorway is more than 200, the glasses could be painted more than 200 t

"4. According to Department Meteorological Storms will occur in April 1-3, 2019, which will be able to significantly reduce dust."

For the original competition program, Singha Chiang Rai United will open her home meeting with Buriram United in the League of Toyota Thai 2019, 6th match on 3 April at 19.00.

Remove the poisonous dust! Chiang Rai Thai League to visit Buriram April 3

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