They caught hold of a man in Santa Fe who gave her a depute as a prostitute


They caught hold of a man in Santa Fe who gave her a depute as a prostitute

Paraná, November 24 (APFDigital)

– After a woman from Paraná said a man from Santa Fe was able to get out and her; threatened after being left, staff from the Riverside Police Inspectorate, along with Santa Fe Police, were held a 39-year-old Romang town in Santa Fe • Uploading the fascinating images of social networks where He did a woman to pass by a gender worker

From the area headed by Fabio Jurajuría, it was reported that the Department of Transport in People carried out several steps after the place of a person who could be in the Santa Fe department.

The investigation was carried out with the intervention of the Genetic Virus Unit that was in charge of the procurator Valeria Vilchez, who asked Santa Fe's justice to find the victim of Romang's 39-year-old victim.

The Human Commission Commission, along with the VIV Divisional Unit staff in the San Javier area, followed the objective of the " find and arrest the accused, as well as to & # 39; conveying the cone phone and other elements related to the purpose.

On Friday this day, the person who was suspected of his last situation and was present at Justice of Santa Fe. Now wait for the process that allows the move to the city of Parana.

It was noted that the victim had recited two months ago to his companion, who had broken relationships. In the first order, the telephone threats were reported, and after harassment and disruption in social networks where they started to; publishing close pictures of the victim.

Another point of the complaint is that Santa Fe's "revenge" has so far been able to show up her / her nakedness pictures; women in different websites, where it was raised as striking.

The so-called "pornovenganza" is a jargon that is particularly fond of a "genetic genre" video, image or audio transmission, which would have been obtained by permission in a close-related context, and then is issued without the consent of the other party, which will affect that person with a distribution, statement on UNO. (APFDigital)

Publication Date: 11/24/2018 09:00

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