They cause "dangerous place" to the richest "billionaire", the media for the US prison project


Sunday, February 10, 2019 18:00 PM (GMT + 7)

The threat is that it will be restricted in the middle of the US media in connection with the Amazon operator crackdown of nude pictures.

Threat on pictures & # 34; broadcast & # 34; of the richest criterion, the media for the US prison sentence - 1

American media David Pecker

Patients investigate & # 39; confirming whether David Pecker and the National Representative are at risk of publishing pictures of sensitive parts of the Jeff Bezos bill, according to The Sun.

Deputy Attorney General Jeff Tsai said: "If a complaint is made, both AMI and Mr Pecker will be subject to heavy taxation."

According to lawyer Robert Mintz: "This case aims to clarify whether an AMI and a Pecker are a hazard to an individual's detriment."

At the same time, others say that the prosecution can not complain AMI and Pecker for confirmation, but they must pay both compensation in cash.

The battle began between the three richest criterion in the world and the National Surveyor last month when the newspaper said that Bezos was in a position; going on with a television star Lauren Sanchez and is still married to wife Mackenzie.

Bezos said after his wife's divorced after 25 years of marriage, in official Twitter news.

Amazon boss also investigated the National Inspector who kept information related to sexual relations between Bezos and Sanchez and his selfie photographs to ladies.

Last week, Bezos stated that AMI and Pecker were threatening to be in a position. Publish healthy images unless Bezos stopped the search.

AMI said he thought he had been legally and promised to cooperate with the survey body to clarify Bezos's allegations.

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