They celebrate the efforts of Edenor and Edesur – 10/10/2018


The Energy Management Status (ENRE) accepted the salary procedure for different doubles for a global sum of $ 2,345.7 from March 2017.

"They are offsets among the electric divisors when borrowing high energy, usually in the border areas of their reduction areas. Cost to keep up with each other, not for customers or finance", defined by the distributors.

Depository sources explained the meaning of this purpose:

They indicated that there were distributors Edesur and Edenor they are only interested around 10% of that value (2,345 million pesos), which refers to compensation between power distributors when they give energy in high tensionNo money with customers or the State.

Resolution 318/2018 Resolution of the National Electricity Management (ENRE) Resolution means the method of remuneration "Additional Supply of the Technical Transport Area (PAFTT) is Not Active" in the areas of decrease in Edenor and Edesur describing the annual salary expected from operating values ​​and network maintenance and SSEE of High Tension between the distributors. The distribution companies will be updated by the regulator in connection with the full energy transport system, with each company as the main user of this service. Therefore, of the sum reported in the Official Gazette 318/2018 of today, Edesur and Edenor get around 300 million pesos as a whole, with the use that other distributors make of their network

Resolution 318/2018 of the agreed procedure to "Additional Provision of Technical Transport Action (PAFTT) Non-Active"in Edenor and Edesur controversial areas.

The faithful loyalty "of the bill will be compatible to reading meters after 6 March 2017"

Similarly, the "RAP" Annual Salaries values ​​have been confirmed as well as the "Mecanism Update RAP for PAFTT".

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