They certify a case of brain fever in a 10-year-old daughter in San Juan – Diario La Provincia SJ


A case of laboratory clinic was diagnosed with surgery on Tuesday with the range of Epidemiology Health Public of the province. This is a 10-year-old daughter that was released Thursday after a visit to the Children's Hospital. According to expert Mnica Jofr, the germ could not be remote but the examinations were distinctive for the bacteria that are drawn from person to person. This means it's not a shame.

For this, an antibiotic cure was introduced, which has so far removed from clinically and without fever, but the progress is still preserved. The child was first used in a common room and then was discharged to Children's Hospital Dental Treatment.

"The president of the guard confirmed that the two girls had a scheme of antibiotics for respiratory symptoms of two different antibiotic schemes, which clinically reinforced brain-brain and the laboratory but not He can not get the bacteria out, "he explained. AM1020 radio specialist.

The officer explained that he was the latex test test to know that any of these bacteria are so; affecting people and that was negative. "We know that he has a clinical and experimental brain fever, but not one of the person-to-face, which means that steps have not been taken", says he was a & # 39; Communicating with the Health Minister, Venerando, who spoke to her partner in the education sector, De Ross, talks about the school's immersion of her daughter ; Attend only "not a special sign for this case".

"There is nothing in defrosting, but the sheep are scared and scared, not a bacterium that is in the environment or in the school, a percentage of the population we carry , one who causes the disease, others are not, and others give it, "he finished.

The symptoms of illnesses in severe illnesses, it is a & n; disturbing artificial and natural light, which develops vmito in jet and fever. The ones who are responsible are advised; suffer from consulting the doctor and do not self-cure.

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