They confirm that the CTEP campaigner was killed in the # 39; behind


The CTEP was moved yesterday to ask him to clarify the death of Orellano Credit: CTEP

The autopsy made to Rodolfo Orellana, who was murdered in the early Thursday at a time of a soldier in Ciudad Evita, La Matanza, found that a 36 year CTEP Culture Society died from a perspective in the background. Justice & # 39; Was it an army survey of the Buenosairean police or the opposing parties to the buildings near Bridge 12, in the area known as the Italian District, near to # 39; crosses the Riccheri road and the Slighe de Waist.

He can not continue to & # 39; recover the matter that could clarify that mystery and, according to the new authority, it went into the shoulder blade and went through the face, at the height of the nose. The ground investigation broke out with the two medical reports released yesterday, to talk about injuries caused by a sharp element.

Through a company, the CTEP, led by Juan Grabois, focused on the Buenos Aires Police, based on evidence data. But the text, compared to the one-hour conference offered in advance – He has been a major victim to the department's force – to avoid being & # 39; come to an end. The NATION tried to communicate with Grabois, without answer.

Although they believe that the shooting of the arrested groups, Buenos Aires, Julio Conte Grand, and non-regional security minister, Cristian Ritondo final. The first noted that "all the guarantees of the investigation" and the second penalties are promising if it has been determined that the person who was in a position; burned Orellana as a uniform officer.

If they include them as a background information on the hard complainants that were created and maintained about the affairs of Santiago Maldonado and the police Luis Chocobar (killed by Pablo Kukok's teenager), the position of officers María Eugenia Vidal and his & # 39 ; a social group is becoming increasingly stormy.

"We can not yet make a decision on the murders of the Orellana Comedy murder, there are drafts over the causes of death, the policeman of Buenos Aires has confirmed that a decline has been done in a ban, most of the witnesses confirm that we are the police We believe our witnesses so that they have positive skills, "they said on the Transfer page -obrach Out, which is part of CTEP.

Yesterday, from nowadays, Conte Grand said that all the investigations were investigated and issues were dealt with within the Buenosairean Police to provide a list of the soldiers provided for the preservation of the building, armed forces, except the police from the nearby police stations, did, when the events started, to the place.

"In principle, all the soldiers involved were to ensure that the safety and thrush carried rubber bullets, but when the situation was over, the fortifications began to & # 39; and we needed to verify what weapons they were carrying out, "he said. Head of procurators.

Ritondo ran that line. "In both respects [enfrentamiento entre bandas o represión policial] we are going to work together so that we know the truth, because the death of anybody in the & # 39; Southeast Asia, "said the Minister for Health to the media.

It's not the video that was taken by Orellana partners, who show the crisis with which they are. trying to do it, or the sound of the call 911 looks sufficient to clear the doubts.

In a video recorded by telephone, Orellana partners especially preventing the police (in the statues there are petrol marks). In the 911 call, and with a background sound that is; appearing in the same crisis, a person says "injured two" and talk about "riot".

Although they do not name themselves in general, in La Plata they believe they have a & # 39; The document would show that it would be smaller than the police were in. used. But the investigation was released by procurator Jorge Yametti, of UFI of Homicides of La Matanza.

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